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"What the heck is Intuitive Masterminding?
Can it apply to writing?" 

Masterminding has been defined as the "skillful execution of a plan between parties with the same goal." Quite the pragmatic definition. When I consider masterminding, I think of the deep conversations I've had with my husband and friends—where ideas are born, sometimes drafted and, if you're lucky, they become actionable steps. With writing, I've noticed that masterminding sessions unfold a bit differently. They often meander down a random trail, and the result is magical. Creativity soars, completely unfettered. 


Why? It happens more intuitively, giving inspiration and passion the space they need to evolve naturally. Before publishing Train Gone  and Mirrors Strike Back, I'd emailed a writing coach and she became an integral part of my writing journey. Our sessions were messy and sometimes chock-full of raw emotion; there wasn't a straight path with clear steps leading anywhere. I had no idea what we were doing, I only knew that after each session my veins throbbed with newfound verve.


When I think back on our calls, I recall that she rarely advised. She didn't whip my manuscripts into shape for me, hold me to word counts, and she never told me what to do or how to do it. She offered support; we had meaningful discussions of my choosing where we brainstormed, unpacked trauma (both mine and my characters), and I always, always learned something.


Shortly after publishing, I began receiving emails from readers with questions like: "how did you do it?", "could you help me?", "would you look over my manuscript?", and I rarely responded because who was I to tell anyone anything when I had no idea what I'd done or how I did it? I'd often refer them to my already-booked coach and that was that. I figured the magic was all her.

It wasn't. She simply helped me resurrect my own magic in her unique way.

I've recently found myself in a position to offer support in the same style; create space where epiphanies come to light and what's subsequently written feels right. Experience becomes wisdom, it's invaluable, and it wants to be shared. During sessions, my goal is to feast off human interaction, energy exchange, inspiration, and passion around your writing projects and ideas. In other words, we'll mastermind. Intuitively. We won't go line by line in your manuscript, write query letters, or hunt for a traditional publishing agent. However, if you're someone who loves to write and wants to talk about your projects but you're unsure, stuck, or have no idea what you're doing and why you're doing it—you're in good company, my friend. Intuitive masterminding could help. 


While masterminding, we will:

  • Let go of traditional author expectations

  • Discover creative flow

  • Understand "writer's block"—what it is and what it's not

  • Traverse the imaginal realm

  • Form real relationships with your characters

  • Navigate drafting, rewriting, and even editing your own work

  • Find a publishing path if and when one feels right for you

Writing is a deep and creative process that cannot be rushed or forced. It needs room to breathe, to grow, to be. So do you. An initial thirty-minute call is free to see if we click. If we do, one-hour, one-on-one sessions are held on Fridays for $80. We can talk about writing, publishing, your characters, your ideas, your beliefs, your life (because life certainly affects what we write), or anything in between.

I'm here for the questions, the revelations, the beautiful chaos, or if you just need someone to listen. Let's chat and see if we're a good fit. Click the email below or contact to be in touch.

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