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Train Gone (an expression in American Sign Language meaning “you missed out”) is the story of a young CODA (Child Of Deaf Adults) who grew up interpreting scriptural instruction at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses for her Deaf parents. At the inexperienced age of sixteen, Rebekah rebels, gets disfellowshipped from the Kingdom Hall, and immediately loses her family and footing. She then finds herself in therapy, sifting through sharp pieces of her life while straddling both the Deaf and hearing world. All in a desperate attempt to make sense of her own quotidian existence.

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In Mirrors Strike Back, Mallory—still wrestling with the pain of losing her family to the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses and her own ground—embarks on a journey across country to unlearn all she has learned, dispelling deep-seated beliefs she's had about herself. Along her travels, she collides with reflections of her own soul via undeserved betrayal, cultish encounters, racy exchanges, a spectral twist of fate, loss, romantic love, familial love, and finally: unexpected self-love from a spirited heart gifted with superhuman strength.

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