She has been writing since she was kid. Sadly, she didn’t keep those old comic strips or short stories from childhood. She never dared show anyone the thoughts racing in her mind, spinning endlessly. It was too risky. She was too scared, too insecure, to say what she really thought; out loud and in writing. 

Being raised in a strict religious environment didn't boost her writing confidence so she abandoned the beliefs of her childhood. Then went back only to leave again a couple of years later. After leaving, she allowed herself to heal with words, finding herself on a never-ending quest of idealistic introspection, falling in love with her own private revelations--falling for things that might cause any prescriptive, religious denomination to shudder.

Now, she candidly writes using raw truths and dark humor. As a result, she published one book, then a second. Now she can't be stopped. She established Unkind Press, LLC to release her own sordid thoughts and experiences, uninhibited. What started as journal entries, became sporadic blog posts then evolved into published books.

Explore the site, see if anything sparks your interest, or purchase a book. Feel free to reach out.